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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Tiny Tot BalletAcademy Photos 2016 Better 0012

A fun introduction to ballet movement for students aged three to four. Perfect for the little ballerina who wants to twirl, wear tutus and learn the basics of dance. 


A graceful form of dance done to classical music. Ballet is the foundation for all dance forms. Ballet training improves posture, flexibility, balance, control and strength. The Performing Arts Warehouse is proud to provide a high level of ballet technique and examinations through the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus (R.A.D.). 



An advanced form of ballet where the students dances en pointe (on toes). Teachers will place students in this class after many years of training.


An energetic form of dance which includes jumps, turns, and kicks to fast paced music. Jazz improves coordination, flexibility and it’s fun! It’s an excellent form of exercise. The Performing Arts Warehouse follows the Canadian Dance Teachers Association syllabus and offers examinations in Jazz dancing.


A rhythm based form of dance where the dancer also is a musician! Students wear hard soled shoes with metal taps attached to the ball and the heel to make rhythm patterns on the floor. Tap can be an excellent form of exercise. The Performing Arts Warehouse follows the Canadian Dance Teachers Association syllabus and offers examination in Tap dancing.


Modern dancing is characterized by its versatility and covers a range of techniques and styles. This free flowing dance style pushes movement to the boundaries while incorporating the whole body. This style is danced in bare feet.


A combination of ballet and jazz, this form of dance connects heavily with the lyrics and storyline of the music to create grace and beauty. Students require both a high level of Ballet and Jazz training to be asked to participate in this class.

 Mini Bop/Mini Acro Combo

A high-energy dance class for ages six and under that will incorporate jazz and hip hop techniques. This style of dance will be sure to have your little one "boppin' to the music".

Hip Hop 

Dance to your favourite hip hop music in an upbeat and high-energy class. This popular style of dance can be found on T.V. commercials, music videos and movies. The Performing Arts Warehouse focuses on the street jazz style where students will learn isolations, rhythms, popping and locking and much more.

Boys Only

Exclusive to boys only, this hip hop based class will focus more on the latest hip hop tricks, as well as break dancing, isolations and popping and locking. Currently not offered for the 2021-22 Season - if enough interest is expressed, we will look at adding this class back into our schedule!


A combination of dance and gymnastics. Learn how to properly execute acrobatic tricks and develop dance skills in this fun class. Arco improves strength, agility, flexibility and physical control. 

Mini Acro/Mini Bop Combo

This class is perfect for the little one that loves to be upside down. This new 30 minute class will teach basic gymnastic skills while incorporating jazz dance movements. Students will be somersaulting, cartwheeling, practicing handstands, improving coordination, flexibility, balance and so much more. 

Adult Dance Classes

It's never too late to start dancing! No experience necessary The Performing Arts Warehouse offers an Adult Combo session class. Our adult classes are a great form of exercise, and way to meet new people. Come join in on the fun this year!  Currently not offering - hope to have it back in the schedule soon!

PAW DanceBlast wSTARS

Dance Blast 2023 - March 9-12



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Online Registration begins June 30, 2022